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Full Car Body Repaint

Think about the colours that you gravitate towards. Whether it’s a bold orange or a radiant blue, you deserve to drive around in a colour that truly calls out to you.

Unfortunately, most automotive manufacturers only release a model in eight to 12 colours. This means that, in order to get a more custom look, a full car body repaint is in order.

At JAV Automotive, we’ll work to make sure that you get the paint colour that you want in Hull. We have affordable services and can work to repair any body damage at the same time.

Motorcycle Repaint

Motorcycles tend to deal with a lot. You may have to lie it down on the asphalt or it might get mud all over it. As the paint gets damaged, it may be time to explore a motorcycle repaint.

We can custom match the colour for you so that it’s just like it was or you can choose a completely different colour.

Either way, you can make more of a statement about what you drive all over East Yorkshire.
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Full Machine Polish

A clean car provides you with pride and confidence on the roads. When you drive all over town, it’s easy for UV rays, dirt, and other things to affect the overall sheen.

With a full machine polish, we can get the car looking its very best.

We have impressive technicians and quality techniques to buff out any marks and give your car the sheen that it truly deserves.

Headlights Clean and Polish

UV rays, rain, and various other elements take a toll on headlights over the year. The problem is that it creates a cloudy look.

This will make it harder for the light to shine on the roads, which means that you have to do something about it.

When you’re in Kingston Upon Hull, we can clean and polish your headlights so that they look like new. You’ll find that your lights shine brighter and the look of your car is greatly enhanced.

Wheel Refurbishment

Have you taken a good look at your wheels? It might be time that you give them a bit of TLC. At JAV Automotive, we provide a wheel refurbishment so that you can give your wheels new life.

We can buff out damage, shine them up, and even provide custom colours.

You deserve to have the best wheels around, and we can provide them to you. Damaged alloy wheels can even affect performance, so there’s no need to drive all over East Yorkshire with ugly wheels.
A brilliant transformationA brilliant transformation in June 2012 by Martin and his Team from a tired and worn out old limo into the stunning Black & White Highway Patrol Car still in use today and still looking smart after 7 years heavy business use and outside storage. Well done guys, so pleased we found and used you.Mark Birtles from Howden, DN14 / Limo transformation